Welcome to Advance Aviation Management Ltd.

Advance Aviation Management started its journey in the aviation industry exclusively with an involvedness group of professionals for corporate flyers, international private flyers, non-schedule passenger and cargo flights flying to and from Bangladesh. These services include obtaining overflying/landing / Technical landing permit, diplomatic clearance, military clearance, on-site ambulance flight clearance and other mandatory clearances before you fly in. Our ground handling services include VIP Facilitation, Custom-Immigration, Baggage Handling, Cargo Handling, FPL filing, Fuel Arrangement, Flight Dispatching, Weather Services, Armed-force Security Guarding, Catering, Hotel Reservation, Secured Transportation, Medical Evacuation and Aircraft Charters, which stands for honesty, quality, service and consumer support with the most effective cost reduction for customer satisfaction.
About Us
At Advance Aviation Management we understand that dealing with the Govt. Administrations is a very difficult, time consuming & stressful task. Establishing the right contact & securing on-time permission is a rather daunting task. In response to this we take full responsibility in assisting with operations into & out of Bangladesh. We have the most experience flight dispatchers, responsible and motivated coordinators, and some hard working highly skilled ramp supervisors on duty which are making a dynamic operations team & top quality service to keep our clients satisfied, tailoring our services to meet their demanding and unique requirements. Qualified multilingual professionals are on call to handle client requests and offer round-the-clock service. An impressive and continually growing client list is testament to the company's high quality standards and the trust it has built over years of getting to know its customers’ every solutions with a comparative low price.
Our motto is providing the top quality service with shortest ground time. Advance Aviation Management’s service is open for 24/7, and 365 days in the year with highly qualified, multilingual staff on standby for valued customers. We will make sure that a client of Advance Aviation Management will always receive nothing less than the services which will go beyond your expectations.
Our highly experienced staff and impervious service have created our name synonymous with excellence in the aviation business field. Broadening our existing global reach is our methodology in order to provide comprehensive benefits to our clients for their unmitigated aviation business needs. We will continuously improve and build up our coverage and services to certify to our clients that their trust in Advance Aviation Management.
We never sacrifice nor compromise on the value of customer service and quality and hold them as the hallmark of our achievements. Our clients have come to rely on us to maintain and build on this base and we will never disappoint.
Here at Advance Aviation Management, we believe that our clients, partners and employees are the real achievers of our success. Therefore, we would like to share with them each step we walk in the road of success. Our flexibility is our strength.
Remaining true to these values will continue to play an essential role in our success. We put our qualifications and alliances to work for you, providing significant added value with long experience. Our values are:

Employing and nurturing a team of world-class professionals that understand the needs of our customers
Take Care for our customers
Deliver the best service
Make sure the highest level of safety, security, accuracy and efficiency
Act with integrity
Offer transparency and reliability
Continuous improvement and ambition to excel
Strong leadership
Team spirit
Strict compliance with laws, regulations and best practice
Commitment to Social Corporate Responsibility