Our Service

Permits are an essential aspect in Bangladesh under Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh of any flight, which is why we made sure that our team up of very professionals, capable of completing the task quickly and well equipped to handle the requirements. We are able to settle all of your issues about permits to save your time and money.
Advance Aviation Management handles Over Flight permits for the following categories
Normal over Fly permit
Urgent Over Fly Permit
Schedule and Block over Fly Permit
Advance Aviation Management Operations personnel are available 24/7 to handle dispatch needs. Experienced dispatchers coordinate an aircraft's arrival and departure with base operations, and all Ground Handling services.
Advance Aviation Management Operations provide comprehensive briefings for crews complete with current weather maps, notams and flight plan filing, Movement messages are promptly provided to base operations, ensuring that interested parties are kept apprised of an aircraft's whereabouts.
Advance Aviation Management handles Landing permits for various categories, such as
VIP/ Executive Flight Landing permit
Private Business Flight Landing permit
Cargo Flight landing permit
Technical Flight Landing Permit
Air Ambulance Landing permit
Calibration Flight landing permit
Schedule landing permit
Keeping in tune with our strategy of single window convenience, we offer our clients the most comprehensive range of general aviation services available in all Airports of Bangladesh. We can offer reliable on-demand ground handling with speed, efficiency and accuracy. We are committed to delivering value for our clients. From the time that your airplane touches down, our ground team will be ready to attend to all your on-ground needs. From ramp handling, passenger, cargo and luggage handling, hotel accommodation, meet and assist, catering and transportation, facilitation through customs and immigration, we can take care of all your requirements. Our credit facility is designed both for our clients' convenience and to eliminate risks. There are no hidden fees or extras when you use our credit facility.
Some of the exclusive ground handling services we provide on
Ramp Handling With All Equipments
Passenger Handling
Engineering Support
Refueling Agreement
Customs & Immigration and Health Formalities
Cargo and Baggage Services
Crew Visa/ Landing permit Arrangements
Visa / On Arrival Visa arrangements
Security Arrangements
FPL Filing
Provision of Transport for Crew and Passengers
Hotel Accommodation for Crew and Passengers with the Best Corporate Rate
Limousine Service
Wheel Chair Services
ICU Ground Ambulance Service for Air Ambulance
Weather Forecast
Any other relevant services as per requirement/applicable